The Community Hall

hallpicsThe outstanding features of Bowen Mountain park are the tall shady trees, the substantial grassy areas and the beautiful views over the Sydney basin. All provide a feeling of serenity and well-being to those who use the park.

Additions to the park have been carefully planned to fit in with the environment and the community’s needs. They include a community room/hall made of split logs (How to Book the Community Hall) which overlooks the children’s play area. The park is lit at night and security equipment is installed to discourage vandalism and improper use of the park.

The Community Hall consists of a good sized room (13m by 6m), vinyl flooring and provided with 30 stack-able chairs, and six folding tables. The hall includes a small serving kitchen (no cooking) with a hot water urn, sink with hot and cold water provided, a medium sized refrigerator/freezer and a microwave oven.   Cleaning equipment is provided under the sink & in a cupboard outside near the kitchen door.   People intending to hire the hall must inspect the facilities prior to the function,  particularly the cleaning equipment provided.  There is an air conditioner (AC) in the Hall.  Use conservatory; do not leave doors open with the AC on and turn it off when vacating the hall.

Picnic Facilities. Picnic tables and an electric BBQ are located near the hall but cannot be booked.  The Children’s Play Area is built with modern equipment which meets current Occupational Health and Safety Standards with approved soft fall materials surrounding all the play equipment. Play items include slippery dips, swings, climbing apparatus, see-saw, table and chairs, stairs, ramps etc.
Toilets. Male, female and disabled toilet facilities are provided outside the rear of the hall. These have limited opening times.  The park (and most of the Bowen Mountain community) rely on tank water. Please use sparingly and report any leaks.

We encourage use of the park facilities which are provided free of cost to everybody.

However, should you require use of the Community Hall on a particular date, (including the equipment and kitchen) you will need to book and pay a hiring fee of $100 (from 1st July 2019)  bank transfer or cash and place a $100 bond. The fee covers general maintenance & improvements to the facility.   (Bookings may also be accepted on an hourly basis for $20 per hour for meetings)

Park Layout

The northern half of the park is flat and shaded by tall trees, particularly around the children’s play area and the Community room. The trees here are mainly native Turpentine, but there are also Red Cedar, Angophora and Eucalypt. This end of the park also has a Moreton Bay Fig, an English Oak, a Cork Tree and a small Bunya Pine. This pine will replace the old Bunya Pine which was the centre piece of the park and was removed in 2008 for safety reasons.

The majority of community activities are held near the Hall, the children’s play area and the electric BBQ facility. There are some picnic benches in this area as well.

There are two locked gates ( 3.6 metres wide ); one at the northern end and one on the western side.  These are only opened  by prior arrangement.  Vehicles are not to be left in the park.

A stand of Pine trees divide the park near an open shelter shed. From here the park slopes away forming a natural gully to the boundary. In this area on the eastern side there are Flowering Cherry, Pin Oak, Jacaranda, and flowering apple trees.

Just inside the eastern gate is a cairn and a native garden built by members of the Bowen Mountain Association (BMA) to commemorate the bicentennial year.