Book The Community Hall

How to Book the Community Hall

1. Check the hall facilities
2. Consult the Park Calendar to see if the date/s you require are available.
3. If the date is not available, choose an alternate date.
4. Complete the booking form below. Hire time to include set up & clean up.
5. The booking officer will insert the booking in the calendar and contact you. You will be required to secure the booking by payment of the $100 cash bond (cheque payment only by arrangement) within 14 days, plus the daily hiring fee (commencing 01 July 2019) of $100 bank transfer or cash   If you do not secure the booking within this time, or your cheque is not honoured, the date will be removed from the calendar and be made available to anybody else who requires it.
6. The person making the booking & responsible for the function must be 18 years or older. Bond & hire fee drop off to be notified by email. To confirm bookings cash payments to be delivered to:-

Mr Colin Chesterman, 32 Bunya Crescent, (4572 1710) or Louise Hawkins 02 45 722481
Acceptance of the booking is subject to your agreement with the Terms and Conditions of booking. These terms are on the booking form. Payment of the booking fee, placing your date in the calendar and clicking the box at the end of the booking form will be taken to be your acceptance of the terms and conditions of booking.

Is alcohol going to be consumed? If yes, go to the Alcohol Consumption Form, print it, fill in your details,  take it to Windsor Police station for signing and hand it to the Park booking officier.

Personal information is required for the purposes of booking only. No personal details will be passed on to any third party. Please supply a landline phone number where possible.

After submitting the form below a  booking request email will be sent to the Park Booking Officer and a copy to your email.  If you do not get this email, check your spam folder or put the park email address ( in your contacts.

Colin will be away  18th Aug to 11th Sept 2020

Hall Booking Request

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