Crago Observatory

Crago ObservatoryCrago Observatory is the The Astronomical Society of NSW (ASNSW)’s “local” dark sky observing site at Bowen Mountain, located a short distance from the northern end of Lt Bowen Road.
The Observatory consists of a large rotating dome housing a high class 16” ƒ/7 Dobsonian Telescope, fitted with Argo Navis and ServoCAT as well as a wide range of eyepieces and star charts available for use with the telescope.

The stargazing nights can be seen on the ASNSW Web Site calender at

Contact Paul Hatchman on 0413 047 782 or for further information and to confirm if open.

Bring a torch covered with red cellophane for the short walk to the Observatory from the end of the road.  This allows time (~20min) for your eyes to adjust to the dark.

Below is an page taken from the local Historical Society Newsletter, detailing the history of Crago Observatory.

Download or Print (PDF, 216KB)

he history