PvteFn Karl O 12-18hrs

Name: Karl o Rourke

Start Date: 12/04/2019
Finish Date:
Start Time: 12 00
Finish Time: 18 00
Number of Guests: 20

Remarks: Hi Colin

late notice I know .

PvtFn RebeccaM 12-5pm

Name: Rebecca Moulton

Start Date: 23/06/2019
Finish Date:
Start Time: 12pm
Finish Time: 5pm
Number of Guests: 25

PvteFn LaurenM 9-4

Name: Lauren McKinnon

Start Date: 18/05/2019
Finish Date: 18/05/2019
Start Time: 9am
Finish Time: 4pm
Number of Guests: 40

Remarks: Looking to book the hall for my sons 5th birthday

PvteFn YasmineJ 10-5pm

Name: Yasmine Johns
Mitchell Chalmers
Start Date: 22/06/2019
Finish Date:
Start Time: 10.00
Finish Time: 17.00
Number of Guests: 50

Remarks: Sons first birthday party.

RFS Get Ready Weekend 7:30 4pm

Name: Piet Roebers

Start Date: 14/09/2019
Finish Date: 14/09/2019
Start Time: 1000
Finish Time: 1400
Number of Guests: 30

Remarks: Hi Colin,
We have our yearly Get Ready Weekend. We would like the use the hall in the morning early afternoon, setup from 07:30 and we hope to be out by 15:30.
Piet, Greg and Noel